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Collingwood Historical Society Blog

A blog about the history of the former Melbourne municipality of Collingwood.

30 November 2014

Collingwood Women Councillors

As some of you probably know November 2014 marked the centenary of a significant landmark for Victorian Councils.  It was in November 1914 that the law changed and women for the first time were enabled and entitled to stand as candidates for local Victorian councils. The Collingwood Historical Society worked with the Australian Local Government Women's Association (Vic) and the Victorian Local Government Association to ensure that they had all the relevant information and photos about Collingwood Councillors.

Collingwood's first woman Councillor was Rebecca "Rita" Jamieson who was elected in 1964 and we have been researching her life.  The results of that will be included in our Notables project.  Those of you who attended our tours of the Collingwood Town Hall earlier in the year will also have heard about one of the other results of this research. Due to representations from the Society, the Yarra Council agreed to name one of  the meeting rooms at Collingwood Town Hall the "Jamieson" Room.  This was a fitting tribute for the 30th anniversary of the first woman elected to Collingwood Council as well as for the centenary of women standing for Council.

But did you also know that the former City of Collingwood had SEVEN women Mayors and NINETEEN women Councillors? Whilst Rita served in solitary splendour as the only woman on an otherwise male Council and her successor Caroline Hogg started her life as a Councillor in the same way, Caroline was soon joined by Solange Shapiro and after that female Councillors were always present and a force to be reckoned with.  The names of the  female Mayors and Councillors follow.


HOGG, Caroline Jennifer
SHAPIRO, Solange Marie Denise
JENKINS, Pamela Gail
BACKHOLER, Jennifer Margaret
FLEET, Marcia Jane
MEIER, Diane M
MOORE, Noreen

Councillors in date of election

Rebecca (Rita) JAMIESON
Carolyn Jennifer HOGG
Solange Marie Denise SHAPIRO
Robin Margaret TUNBRIDGE
Pamela Gail JENKINS
Jennifer Margaret BACKHOLER
Jennifer McMILLAN
Maureen O’BRIEN
Marcia Jane FLEET
Noreen MOORE

As part of our research into these Councillors, we have also been trying to track down photos and bios. We now have photos of all the Mayors and most of the Councillors but if any of you have any photos we would love a copy of them.  And we would also be interested in hearing from any of you who have any stories about these women or know what they did after they left Council.

If you have any info, you can email here.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give with this project.

09 July 2013

Dormant life 52/27/3 #fp13 #life

These wintry trees in Darling Gardens give lie to the dormant life waiting to appear in Spring.

Life of Collingwood Football Club 52/27/2 #fp13 #life

Collingwood Football Club no longer plays AFL games at Victoria Park but various interpretive signage on the site documents their former life there. This one celebrates their last game played there in 1999.

Life saving vehicle 52/27/1 #fp13 #life

This mural in Hoddle St Collingwood features a fire engine

06 July 2013

St John's #surfaces 52/26/3 #fp13

The church of St John the Baptist in Clifton Hill has many interesting surfaces. This one features one of the door surrounds. This photo is submitted by the Collingwood Historical Society for the Flickr Friday Photos challenge under the theme of "Surfaces."

St John's #surfaces 52/26/2 #fp13

The church of St John the Baptist in Clifton Hill has many interesting surfaces. This one features the stonework on the walls. This photo is submitted by the Collingwood Historical Society for the Flickr Friday Photos challenge under the theme of "Surfaces."

St John's #surfaces 52/26/1 #fp13

The church of St John the Baptist in Clifton Hill has many interesting surfaces. This one features one of the stone gate posts.  This photo is submitted by the Collingwood Historical Society for the Flickr Friday Photos challenge under the theme of "Surfaces."

30 June 2013

Punters Palace Hotel #blogjune Day 30

Punters Palace Hotel 365/171 #2013PAD by Hecuba's Story
Punters Palace Hotel 365/171 #2013PAD, a photo by Hecuba's Story on Flickr.

The Punters Palace Hotel in Smith Street Collingwood looks welcoming with its evening lights.   You can find out more about the history of the hotel on the Collingwood Historical Society's Hotels database.  But if you have any stories about the history of the hotel we would love to hear from you.  You can comment below or email us.

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