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A blog about the history of the former Melbourne municipality of Collingwood.

30 June 2013

Punters Palace Hotel #blogjune Day 30

Punters Palace Hotel 365/171 #2013PAD by Hecuba's Story
Punters Palace Hotel 365/171 #2013PAD, a photo by Hecuba's Story on Flickr.

The Punters Palace Hotel in Smith Street Collingwood looks welcoming with its evening lights.   You can find out more about the history of the hotel on the Collingwood Historical Society's Hotels database.  But if you have any stories about the history of the hotel we would love to hear from you.  You can comment below or email us.

Sr Mary of Mt Carmel Curtain #blogjune Day 29

Sr Mary of Mt Carmel Curtain 365/173 #2013PAD by Hecuba's Story
Sr Mary of Mt Carmel Curtain 365/173 #2013PAD, a photo by Hecuba's Story on Flickr.

Long term superior of the Good Shepherd Convent in Abbotsford, Sister Mary of Mount Carmel Curtain is actually still buried in the crypt under the Chapel. The site of her burial was open for viewing during the recent Behind the Veil exhibition at the Abbotsford Convent.Sister Mary of Mount Carmel was not among the first group of four nuns who arrived in 1863 but arrived in another of the early groups.  Other early nuns previously buried at the convent were disinterred and reburied here at the Boroondara Cemetery in Kew in 1975. The memorial stone pictured above is in the main aisle of the chapel.

Gahans Reserve Abbotsford #blogjune Day 28

Gahans Reserve Abbotsford by Hecuba's Story
Gahans Reserve Abbotsford, a photo by Hecuba's Story on Flickr.

This peaceful late afternoon image of Gahans Reserve, Abbotsford, gives lie to the bustle and activity going on there with people sitting on benches and families and children playing and walking.

Golden waters in Dights #blogjune Day 27

Golden waters in Dights by Hecuba's Story
Golden waters in Dights, a photo by Hecuba's Story on Flickr.

Through the late afternoon winter sun, the water flowing over Dights Fall appears golden.

11 Groom Street Clifton Hill #blogjune Day 26

11 Groom Street Clifton Hill by Hecuba's Story
11 Groom Street Clifton Hill, a photo by Hecuba's Story on Flickr.

This house at 11 Groom Street Clifton Hill was where Rita Jamieson's father lived for a time during the First World World War.  Rita was the first woman Collingwood Councillor,  elected in 1963. You can see more details of an earlier layout in this turn of the century Melbourne and Metropolitan Boards of Works map. You can see the bath, copper and kitchen sink marked as well as the closet.  You can also see the relationship of this single-storeyed, single-fronted house to the related pairs of houses at 3-5 and 7-9 Groom Street and to the shop on the corner.

Croatian Catholic Church Clifton Hill #blogjune Day 25

Croatian Catholic Church Clifton Hill by Hecuba's Story
Croatian Catholic Church Clifton Hill, a photo by Hecuba's Story on Flickr.

The Croatian Catholic Church in Wellington Street Clifton Hill has been operating since 1961. The foundation stone of this church, a former Wesleyan Church, was laid on 13 December 1886. The parsonage in Hodgkinson Street was built in 1881.  Due to low attendances, the Wesleyan Church closed down in October 1961 but was purchased by the Croatian Catholics and had operated as St Nicholas' Croatian Catholic Church since that date.

Denton Hat Mill 52/25/3 #fp13 #technology #blogjune Day 24

Denton Hat Mill 52/25/3 #fp13 #technology by Collingwood Historical Society
Denton Hat Mill 52/25/3 #fp13 #technology, a photo by Collingwood Historical Society on Flickr.

This 1901 Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works map shows the Denton Hat Mills in Nicholson Street, Abbotsford.  The mill was the first steam-powered hat mill in Australia putting that new technology to good use in the production if hats.  This photo has been produced using the technology of the digitized versions of these maps on the State Library of Victoria website and was taken on an Apple iPhone 5 using further technology. You can read more about the Denton Hat Mills here.

This photo was submitted by the Collingwood Historical Society for the Flickr Friday Photos challenge under the theme of "Technology".

Bus Stop #technology 52/25/1 #fp13 #blogjune Day 23

Technolgy can be found everywhere in Collingwood.  Here GPS-driven timetables reduce the stress of waiting for buses along Hoddle Street, Collingwood.

This photo was submitted by the Collingwood Historical Society for the Flickr Friday Photos challenge under the theme of "Technology".

Technology for Social Justice 52/25/2 #fp13 #blogjune Day 22

Technology for Social Justice proclaims the former offices of Infoxchange in Johnston St., Abbotsford. Infoxchange who did ground breaking work empowering people in public housing by providing them access to the internet may not inhabit this building in Abbotsford any more but their message still speaks out.  Infoxchange are now operating from premises in Richmond just behind the public housing highrises.  You can read about them here.

This photo was submitted by the Collingwood Historical Society for the Flickr Friday Photos challenge under the theme of "Technology".

Behind the Veil exhibition #blogjune Day 21

Behind the Veil is an exhibition curated by Rebecca Louise which honours the many women and girls who have been a part of the Good Shepherd history particularly in Abbotsford.  The exhibition was held in the Abbotsford Convent in the Chapel and Crypt on the weekends of 22 and 23 June and 29 and 39 June only. The exhibition complements the exhibits and videos in the interpretive so it is a pity that it was only open for such a short period.

Good Shepherd Festival Day #blogjune Day 20

 The Good Shepherd Festival Day on Saturday 22 June at the Abbotsford Convent celebrated the arrival 150 years ago on the 24 June 1863 of the first four Good Shepherd Sisters in Victoria.  The Chapel, the Chapel Crypt, the Parlour, the Bishop's Parlour, the Community Room and the Linen Room were open for viewing and tours taken by some of the sisters who had lived and worked in the Convent also took participants to some of the buildings where the girls had lived.

It is a great pity that this Festival was only for one day as there was so much to see.  However, the new interpretive centre in the antechamber to the Chapel is open every weekday and there is plenty to view there covering the whole history of the Abbotsford Convent while it was managed by the Good Shepherd Sisters.

20 June 2013

Frank Thring(s) and Cr Kreitmayer #blogjune Day 19

A recent reading of Peter Fitzpatrick's biography The two Frank Thrings (Monash University Publishing, 2012) contained more than I had expected.  The Collingwood Historical Society is currently compiling a database of Councillors of the former municipality of Collingwood and I am slogging away compiling that data.  Imagine my surprise when I was in recreational reading mode and relishing Peter Fitzpatrick's research skills only to discover that Frank Thring junior was the grandson of Maximilian Kreitmayer who was a Collingwood Councillor and Mayor in 1892/93!  Frank senior was married to Kreitmayer's daughter, Olive.

It seems Collingwood Councillors are everywhere.  If you have any stories about Collingwood Councillors we would be interested to hear from you for this project.  You can contact us by making a comment on this post or by email at

The Convent #blogjune Day 18

Another novel that you might like to read in the context of the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Good Shepherd nuns in Victoria on 24 June 1863 is Maureen McCarthy's The Convent published by Allen & Unwin in late 2012.  This is a work of fiction and imagination, as is the Kerry Greenwood title in the previous post, but does draw on the place and the history of the convent and the site and is a good read too.

18 June 2013

Unnatural habits #blogjune Day 17

If you are going to the Abbotsford Convent you might like to celebrate by reading the latest Kerry Greenwood book in the Phryne Fisher series which has recently been turned into a television series greatly acclaimed not only here where one might expect it but also in France and the US.  Number 19 in the Phryne Fisher crime series came out in October 2012 and is called Unnatural Habits.  The Abbotsford Convent is a main character in this book.

Abbotsford Convent 150 celebrations! #blogjune Day 16

The Good Shepherd Convent in Abbotsford is celebrating 150 years! There will be a free open day, the Good Shepherd Festival Day, this coming Saturday 22 June 2013 to celebrate the arrival of the first four nuns 150 years ago. So come along and celebrate. Details can be found here and include an historical display and guided tours. Walk, ride or catch public transport on the day! A free shuttle bus will run between Collingwood Station (Stanton St) and the Convent every 15 minutes. And don't forget that the Slow Food Farmers' Market is also on at the Convent that Saturday.

Wind-spoiled game at Vic Park 52/24/3 #fp13 #wind #blogjune Day 15

There's always an excuse for a loss! This game was lost by one goal by Collingwood to Essendon at Vic Park in 1911. The headline "Wind-spoiled game" says it all.

This photo was submitted by the Collingwood Historical Society to the Flickr Friday Photos challenge under the theme of "Wind".

Collingwood Town Hall clock 52/24/2 #fp13 #wind #blogjune Day 14

The clock in the Collingwood Town Hall tower is a good example of the complexity of the mechanisms needed to wind and keep going a four faced clock in a tower. The clock was not installed in the tower at the time of the opening of the new Collingwood Town Hall but was installed a couple of years later. It is thought to have been donated by Cr Eade and to have been originally installed in the Melbourne GPO.

This photo was submitted by the Collingwood Historical Society to the Flickr Friday Photos challenge under the theme of "Wind".

Weather vane at Gold St Primary 52/24/1 #fp13 #wind #blogjune Day 13

The weather vane at the Gold Street Primary School in Clifton Hill looks a little the worse for wear. But it was a good photo for the Flickr Friday Photos challenge under the theme of "Wind".

Gibsonia hosiery 52/23/3 #fp13 #stitches #blogjune Day 12

Gibsonia hosiery for men, women and children was all produced at Foy and Gibson's in the Knitting Room. Some samples of these products are shown in the photo.

This photo was submitted by the Collingwood Historical Society for the Flickr Friday Photos challenge under the theme of "Stitches".

Gibsonia Knitting Room 52/23/2 #fp13 #stitches #blogjune Day 11

The knitting Room at the Foy and Gibson factory produced lots of garments using stitches. This photo was submitted by the Collingwood Historical Society for the Flickr Friday photos challenge under the them of "Stitches".

10 June 2013

Magpies' logo in cross-stitch 52/23/1 #fp13 #stitches #blogjune Day 10

Who would have known it? Well if you want to do a cross-stitch version of the Collingwood Football Club logo, there is a pattern available on the internet for it. This photo was taken by the Collingwood Historical Society for the Flickr Friday Photos group under the theme of "Stitches".

08 June 2013

Johnston Street alight 52/22/3 #fp13 #illumination #blogjune Day 9

Johnston Street Collingwood comes alight at night when peak period traffic zooms along it in both directions. This photo was taken for the Flickr Friday Photos challenge under the theme of "Illumination".

Night Lights at Beacon Lighting 52/22/1 #blogjune Day 8

This week's theme for the Flickr Friday Photos challenge is "Illumination" so what is more appropriate than a night view of a lighting shop all ablaze. This night time view of Beacon Lighting in Hoddle Street was taken by Pat Miller.

Night Lights at The Retreat Hotel 52/22/2 #blogjune Day 7

This photo, Night lights at the Retreat Hotel, was taken by member Pat Miller for the Flickr Friday Photos challenge for the theme of "Illumination". If you want to know more about the Retreat, click into the Hotels section on the side panel of the Collingwood Historical Society website and search for the Retreat.

06 June 2013

Rita Jamieson #blogjune Day 6

Rebecca "Rita" Jamieson was the first woman elected to Collingwood Council.  She was elected to Council in 1963 for the Abbotsford Ward and served that ward as a Councillor until her death in 1970.  She was replaced in the ward by Caroline Hogg who was to become the first female Mayor of the City of Collingwood in 1978/79. Rita Jamieson lived at 88 Park Street, Abbotsford.

The Collingwood Historical Society recently obtained the photo above from the Union of Australian Women, whose Vice-President she was at the time of her election to Collingwood Council.  This photo was taken at the inauguration of Collingwood Council in 1963.  Rita Jamieson is someone the Society is researching for the Notables of Collingwood project.  If you knew Rita Jamieson or have stories about her we would love to hear from you.  Please comment below or email us at collingwoodhs@yahoo,com.

28 North Terrace Clifton Hill #blogjune Day 5

28 North Terrace Clifton Hill by Collingwood Historical Society
28 North Terrace Clifton Hill, a photo by Collingwood Historical Society on Flickr.

When you walk past this house in North Terrace do you ever wonder who lived there in the past? This was the house where Thomas "Tommy" Tunnecliffe lived. Tunnecliffe was born on 13 July 1869 at Coghills Creek, Victoria, son of John Tunnecliffe, a bootmaker from England.  Tunnecliffe followed his father into this trade and gained his education from State schools and the Workingman's College.  

Active in the union movement, he became the member for West Melbourne in 1903 and was MLA for a short time until it was abolished. He stood unsuccessfully for the seat of Melbourne and the Senate but returned to State Parliament in 1907 in the seat of Eaglehawk which he held until his defeat in 1920.  In 1924, after his return to Melbourne, he was returned to Victorian Parliament as the member for Collingwood a seat he held until ill health caused him to resign in 1947.

During this period he served as Chief Secretary, Minister for Railways and Electrical Undertakings, and acting Premier during the 1932 election in Premier Hogan's absence overseas. After Hogan's departure Tunnecliffe was elected leader of the Opposition, a position he held until 1935 when Labor moved to the cross-benches. In 1937-40 he was Speaker and later moved to the back benches. He died at 28 North Terrace on 2 February 1948 and was given a state funeral at Fawkner crematorium. Thomas Tunnecliffe was named in the Wren libel trial as politician Tom Trumbleward in Frank Hardy's Power without Glory, and was allegedly under the Wren influence.

Tunnecliffe is one of the people that the Collingwood Historical Society is researching for inclusion in the Notables of Collingwood database that is being developed for inclusion on the website.   Do you know anything about Thomas Tunnecliffe and his family or do you have stories about his time as Member for Collingwood?  If so, we would love to hear from you.  Please comment below or email us at

04 June 2013

Faith hope and charity mural #blogjune Day 4

This is the full mural! The mural "Faith Hope and Charity" was created by Colleen Burke and the students of St John's Clifton Hill. You can read more about it here at

This blogpost has been done by the Collingwood Historical Society as part of the 2013 #blogjune challenge.

03 June 2013

Faith and charity mural #blogjune Day 3

This is the third panel of the mural on St John's Clifton Hill. It represents the students's visual representations of Faith and Charity. Part of this representation is of the nuns who for decades provided education at the school, the Sisters of Charity.

02 June 2013

Hope 52/21/2 #fp13 #emotion #blogjune Day 2

This photo is the second panel of the St John's Clifton mural and represents "hope". The mural is on the Queens Parade frontage of the site on the church hall facade.

This photo is submitted by the Collingwood Historical Society for the Flickr Friday Photo challenge under the theme of "emotion". And the blogpost has been done as part of #blogjune, an annual challenge in which participants aim to blog every day of June.

01 June 2013

Love 52/21/1 #fp13 #emotion #blogjune Day 1

This photo was submitted by the Collingwood Historical Society for the Flickr Friday Photo challenge on the theme of "emotion".

This depiction of Love is the first panel in a recent mural at St John's Clifton Hill. The mural was completed by the school and is on the Queens Parade frontage of the Church hall.

As it is 1 June and the Collingwood Historical Society is participating in in the #blogjune project, this post also forms our first submission for that project.

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